Is Tor safe and Why i used

Just make sure to always open the VPN before opening Tor and starting the Internet.

Dark network is not only a world of criminals

The anonymity provided by the Darknet is certainly attractive to those who wish to buy or sell illegal goods such as drugs, weapons or stolen data.

But there are also legitimate reasons to use the dark network. In the past few years, it has become a safe haven for whistleblowers, journalists, and other people who need to share sensitive information – people who are unable to publicly post information because of fear of persecution or punishment by the government or other powerful institutions.

It is also used by police and intelligence agencies to monitor terrorist organizations and pay close attention to cybercriminals. In addition, corporate IT departments often search for stolen data and stolen accounts on dark networks, and individuals may use it to find traces of identity theft.

In many circles, the dark network has become synonymous with Internet freedom, especially as the state continues to suppress the dark network. It is now the host of some media organizations involved in investigative journalism, such as ProPublica and Intercept. Most notable is the website that publishes official information – WikiLeaks, which also has a home on the dark network. Even Facebook has a facade on the dark network so that users in government-polished countries can access it.

Five positive effects of the dark network

1. Exchange information in countries with Internet censorship

In many countries (such as China, Qatar, Cuba, Turkey, and Russia), the government will review the content of the web to suppress political objections or content that they believe to be obscene (such as homosexuality). The Dark Network provides a forum without these restrictions.

2. Exposure to abuse of power

The Dark Network allows journalists and political activists to report stories about dictatorships or government violations of personal privacy that may trap them.

As mentioned above, WikiLeaks is a common way of sharing information. If you have a file you want to upload, you can do it here:

3. Purchase contraband

Although vpnMentor discourages the purchase of illegal goods, we must acknowledge that such purchases may be reasonable in certain circumstances.

For example, many common painkillers and sleep auxiliaries in Europe are illegal in many Middle Eastern and Asian countries. In addition, an estimated 15.5% of Americans do not have health insurance (and more high-value deductible programs), and many people do not have access to the prescription drugs they need.

Having said that, the lack of supervision on the black network makes the risk of such purchases very high – although some people in distress may take the risk.

4. Purchase legal goods anonymously

There are thousands of kinds of life needs, and we don't have to list the types of things people might want to buy anonymously. Shopping in the dark online market can add some privacy to your shopping experience, which is a consumer experience that Amazon can't get.

For those who are particularly security-conscious, the Dark Network can provide additional protection when purchasing anti-monitoring tools.

However, it should be noted that although the product itself may be legal, it is certain that some sellers will sell illegally acquired or stolen goods.

5. Use the Internet anonymously

You may be surprised to find that the Dark Web hosts many websites similar to those you find on the Internet. These sites include blogs, game sites, social media networks and super-encrypted email platforms. Some popular email services like Proton Mail (https://protonirockerxow.onion/login) and MailtoTor (http://mail2tor2zyjdctd.onion/).

It’s not illegal to browse the dark network, but it may be hidden
You won't be accused of crimes simply because you search for black nets, but you may be in trouble because of the illegal use of black nets; police actions involving black nets and child pornography, drugs or hackers dumping data stealing are occasional news headlines.

In addition, the anonymity of the dark network also makes it a notorious risk. Because there is no regulation, the dark network is full of scammers. Having said that, as long as you follow the basic security rules that apply to your normal network, you can be safe: be cautious about click-through links, as some links may be misunderstood and avoid promoting illegal, unpleasant or dangerous content.

Is the Tor browser completely anonymous?

In 2014, the FBI, with the help of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, developed a system based on the flaws of Firefox JavaScript, which successfully decrypted certain Tor users (including the popular Silk Road). The identity of the operator of the website. Although the vulnerabilities that allowed these attacks were fixed within a few days of the incident, the incident worried Tor users that it might not be 100% secure.

Similarly, in October 2017, security company We Are Segment discovered a vulnerability in Tor that would affect Mac and Linux users. When a user visits a URL starting with file:// instead of http:// or https://, the vulnerability is called turmoil, causing its IP address to leak. We Are Segment informs the Tor developer, who fixes this error in a timely manner through a newer version of the browser.

To address these issues, the Tor project has recently strengthened security and privacy by enhancing its encryption. It also provides web developers with the tools to build anonymous Darknet sites (called hidden services or rendezvous) that only users who know the site's URL can discover.

You should take extra precautions to stay anonymous

  • Never use your real name or photo
  • Never use a previously used email address or password
  • Instead, use an anonymous encrypted email account and an alias that has never been used before.
  • Buy with an anonymous Bitcoin wallet. If you are new to Bitcoin
  • Disable Javascript, don't install browser plugins because they can be manipulated to display your IP address
  • Do not change the size of the Tor browser window to avoid browser fingerprinting
  • Don't download via Tor, because although the non-Tor IP address will be treated anonymously to the tracker, it can still be seen by other peers on the network.
  • Use the HTTPS version of the website. Because once your network traffic passes through Tor's encrypted network, it still needs to exit the relay to access the website you are trying to access. At the same time, your data may be exposed to third parties and may even insert vulnerabilities into your browser. URLs that start with HTTPS can prevent this from happening.
  • Disconnect the Internet connection before opening the document downloaded by Tor, because the online download file can be used to display the non-Tor IP address.
  • Consider using the TAILS operating system (as a real-time DVD or real-time USB boot) as this will not leave a digital imprint on the host

Criminal case involving dark network

Although we believe that dark networks should be used to promote freedom of speech and bypass censorship, it is undeniable that the media tends to focus on the darker activities of the dark network. Here are some of the most eye-catching events that have emerged in recent years:

  1. Silk Road: Compared to any other website, the dark network is most likely to be reminiscent of the Silk Road. The Silk Road began as an invention of an idealist who advocated liberalism. He wanted to sell his own mushrooms for Bitcoin and eventually hosted $1.2 billion worth of drugs, guns, murders, counterfeit money and hacking. The site's creator, Ross Ulbricht (codenamed "Terrorist Pirates Roberts on the Silk Road") involved five of them to buy murders. Ulricht was eventually caught because he posted an old post on the regular website that promoted the Silk Road. The mistake he made was that he used his real email address.
  2. AlphaBay: AlphaBay became the most famous dark online market after the Silk Road was closed. AlphaBay closed in 2017 because of more basic security mistakes than "Terrorist Pirate Roberts." In its mistake, founder Alexandre Cazes uses his legitimate email address to communicate on the site ( and keeps several unencrypted cryptocurrency wallets open and in dark networks. Re-use the same pseudonym on the upper and black pages. When the police broke into his home in Thailand to arrest him, he logged into the AlphaBay server with the username "admin". The computer is unlocked and unencrypted and contains a text file of the password used on the website, as well as the type and location of all financial holdings listed in the file, entitled "Total Net Worth". A few days after his arrest, Alex Cazes was killed in a prison cell.
  3. Playpen case: Although Playpen only lasted for seven months, the child porn site Playpen managed to collect 215,000 users before the FBI accessed its host server through information provided by foreign law enforcement agencies. Instead of shutting down the site, the FBI continues to host on its own server for two weeks, during which time the Flash application is used to capture 1,300 IP addresses belonging to website visitors. This has led to the arrest of nearly 900 users worldwide, including Playpen's founder, Steven Chase (hoping he was suffering in hell).
  4. Ashley Madison: In 2015, the hacker team Impact team broke through an extramarital dating site called Ashley Madison. Hackers threaten to release their users' personal information unless the site and its sister site, Established Men, are closed. A month later, they did not close on the deadline, and the Impact team began publishing data on the Dark Web. After several public announcements, the information revealed included: email and IP address of 32 million members, email communication from the CEO of Ashley Madison, and website source code. The hacker claims that his motives are 1) against the main purpose of the site, and 2) the practice of the site, forcing users to pay to delete their account (even if not completely cleaned from the server). Because Ashley Madison doesn't require email verification to create an account, it's easy for someone who wants to use someone else's email address to create an account before extorting himself. Although we still don't know who is responsible for the attack, we can speculate that they are people affected by these bad security actions.

Finally, vpnMentor encourages everyone who uses the dark network to be responsible. Offensive materials can sometimes just be clicked below. Browsing is at your own risk and should never be illegal.

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