The dollar was expensive again today

The speed of the US dollar falling faster than the Pakistani rupees had reduced a few days before the EID, but today it has broken Pakistan rupees.

Today, in the Inter-Bank, the US dollar was Rs.25 / pa. The value of the dollar was Rs 150 rupees 27 paise after the increase in the value of Rs. 15 paise.

The price of $ 150 in the Inter-Bank has got Rs. 150.

In today's trade exchange today, the business has been shattered.

During the business, 100 indexes dropped 670 points to 34827 levels, 100 indexes could not maintain its limit of 35 thousand points.

Earlier last week, in the Inter-Bank last year, the value of rupees increased by 75 paise and the value of the dollar was Rs 147 rupees from Rs 85 to 148 rupees 60 paise and price sales increased from 148 to Rs. 90.

On the same day, the value of the dollar was lower than 20 paise in the open market, and the price sales fell from 147 to 147 rupees 80 paise and the sales

fell from 148 to Rs 148.

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