PAK VS IND: Pakistan lost by 89 runs

Manchester: The tradition of the defeat of India in the World Cup and Pakistan was lost by 89 runs.

India scored 336 for 5 wickets in the 50 overs in the target, in the pursuit of target, Pakistan scored 166 runs in the 35 overs with a loss of 6 matches.

After the rain series, the match was restricted to 40 overs and Pakistan needed 136 runs to win in 5 overs. However, green shirts scored 48 runs and India defeated 89 wickets under Dick Watth Louis Mittode.

India's innings
In the first quarter of Manchester's Old Trafford Ground, Sarfraz Ahmed, captain of the national team, won the toss and decided to bathe India, Rohit Sharma and K.L. Rahul started the innings.

Earlier, both the batsmen took caution in the beginning and started playing after 5 overs, during which the 136 runs paired on the first wicket by playing charming strokes on the four sides of the ground.

Rohit Sharma completed his half-century at 34 balls with 2 sixs and six squares while K Ral made half-century on 69 balls, including a six and three wickets.

India scored 136 on the wicket of Rahul Wahab Riaz, who scored 57 runs in 57 balls.

On the other wicket, Rohit Sharma and captain Virat Kohli made 98 partnerships and Sharma managed to make 24 runs in his career with 3 sixs and nine squares at 85 balls.

Rohit Sharma became 140 runs and became the victim of Hassan Ali when India's total score reached 234.

The third outgoing was Harcak Pandya, who scored 26 runs and Mohammad Amir scored the ball to Babar Azam while Mohammad Aamir scored Dhoni on the overall score of 298, which could make a run.

The match was canceled due to rain in the 47th over, but after the match began, Indian captain went out 77 runs on the wicket of Virat Kohli 314.

The Indian team scored 336 for 5 wickets in 50 overs in the past, Rohit Sharma 140, Virat Kohli 77 and R Rahul scored 57 runs.

Mohammad Amir, 3, Wahab Riaz and Hassan Ali won one by the green shirts. Hassan Ali proved to be the most expensive bowler who scored 84 runs in 9 overs.

Pakistan's innings
In the pursuit of the target, Pakistan started an innings by Imam ul Haq and Fakhr-zaman but the openers could not give a good start to the team.

On the overall score of 13 only, Imam ul Haq made 7 runs and became LBW on Shankar's ball.

On the other wicket, Prakash Zaman and Babar Azam set a partnership with more than 100 runs and reached the score 117 to 117, but Babar Azam scored 48 runs and Cleddy Kiwi made Clinic Bold at the ball.

After that, 126 runs for the first time, Kallis, who was set to score for the first time, was proud of Kalidip Yadav, who scored 62 runs in 75 balls.

After that, Batsman Mohammad Hafeez came on for the first time but 129 runs on the score of Mohammad Hafeez became 9. After that, Shoaib Malik came and pushed the Pelilan without being bowled.

Umfad Waseem and captain Sarfraz Ahmed tried to push the Under-pressure team's score, captain Sarfraz Ahmed appeared in a strain on the spot and only 12 runs out of 30 balls went out.

There were two changes in the national team against India, Shahin Shah Afridi and Asif Ali were replaced by Spinner Shadab Khan and Umad Waseem.

Every four years later, India has won only the win in the World Cup war, both the teams have come up with 6 times and every time Pakistan had to face defeat.

So far, due to bad weather and rain in the World Cup, four matches have ended without results, due to which the fans are facing frustration and ICC criticism why they did not keep the match reserves.

It is believed that in the ongoing World Cup in England, Pakistan has played 4 matches so far, in which it had to be defeated in 2 matches, while one won and one match was made to rain.

The Pakistan team is ranked 9th with 3 points on the points table, while India is fourth with 5 points.

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