Akhtar Mengal met the PPP delegation meeting which was made to join the opposition alliance

BNP chief Akhtar Mengal puts his terms to join the opposition alliance. The delegation of PPP, Farhatullah Babar, Nair Bukhari and Khursheed Shah were included in the meeting of Akhtar Mengal on Friday, while the BNP Agha Hassan Baloch and Hashim Nutti Zi were also included. The delegation requested BNP Mengal to vote for the government during the budget. Akhtar Mangal said that the agreement should be done for support of my demands

Mengal said that the government did not show any progress on our demands. He said that we did not take ministries or any other way to join the government alliance. Arthur Mengal said that the opposition is ready to take the opposition in our terms.

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